Everglades Diary

Sunrise over Sunday Bay

Welcome to the Everglades Diary! Here you will find essential information for those who want to explore the South Florida wilderness areas of the Everglades and Big Cypress swamp.
At the heart of this site are the journals that I've kept of my Everglades expeditions. By offering detailed accounts of an Everglades trek from start to finish, I hope to provide a level of detail that is often lacking in guides that just give a cursory description of the campsites and waterways.
In addition to the journals and photos, this site also includes an overview of how I plan and what I pack for my trips into the backcountry. A long-distance Everglades wilderness expedition is not for the inexperienced paddler, and it's my hope that I can offer some advice and guidance for those feel comfortable in undertaking such a trip on their own.
Finally, after a long hiatus during which all of my spare time was focused on working through my college degree program, I'm very happy to report that this website is once again being actively developed and updated. My goal is to make the Everglades Diary the "go to" resource for all of those who would like to explore and enjoy the beauty of the South Florida's wilderness.

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